Spooner Summit Fire Station
Integrated geothermal, solar and plumbing system designs

Integrated geothermal, solar and plumbing system designs

Spooner Summmit, Nevada

Project Start: Spring 2010

Project End: Fall 2010

Owner: United States Forest Service

SF Heated: 3,103

Ground Loops: 3 heat pumps and 6 bores at 180 feet

System Size: 5 ton system

Spooner Summit Fire Station, located on the east side of Lake Tahoe, was built by the United States Forest Service (USFS) and serves as a USFS Fire Guard Station. It doubles as a support facility for winter sports activities in partnership with the Zephyr Cove Resort, a Forest Service developed recreation facility.

The USFS wanted to use a ground-source system for space heating. Heat pumps were to draw energy out of the ground during the winter, increasing the temperature of that energy, and then transfer that energy to the occupied spaces.

Since the building was a “heating only” building, the USFS decide to move forward with a solar-geothermal hybrid system. During the winter, with solar heat available, less heat would need to be drawn from the ground. During the summer, excess solar heat would go to the ground for replenishment and storage.

The solar design consisted of six 4'x10' roof solar thermal panels. Plumbing design for sewer/vent and domestic water plans were also provided, including a grey water system.