Specialists in Sustainable Energy Systems
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    Geothermal – Part of the LEED strategy at Ft. Leavenworth
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    Geothermal – systems evaluations and engineered repair plans
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    Geothermal – Retrofitting existing builidings for energy savings

Meline Engineering: specializing in geoexchange (geothermal) and related applications

Meline Engineering specializes in sustainable, energy-efficient mechanical systems for commercial, government, public and residential buildings. We have particular expertise in geothermal heat pump, solar thermal and energy recovery systems. Since 1995, we have designed geothermal and sustainable energy systems for more than 75 public buildings and 150 residences. Our projects have included correctional facilities, office buildings, schools and both large and small custom homes.

Industry leaders have recognized past and continuing contributions by Meline Engineering to the geothermal heat pump industry. Participation on technical committees, strategic planning, and the development of codes and standards are all areas of current involvement. Our team is frequently asked to speak at industry conferences.

Third Party Design Reviews and Installed System Evaluations

In addition to third party plan and peer reviews, we offer consulting services to clients who already have a system installed that is not meeting their expectations. These services may be as simple as trouble-shooting or as extensive as a full on-site system evaluation. We review building loads, construction documents, and control sequences, making site visits as needed to observe the systems in operation. We then provide the client with a written explanation as to why their system is or is not performing as anticipated making recommendations for improvements or changes.

Narrative / Project Feasibility

If an owner is unsure about the type of HVAC system to install, or if they are unsure if their project is feasible, we can provide a narrative or project feasibility summary. Meline Engineering will conduct a preliminary engineering on your project to prepare a narrative / project feasibility summary to determine if your project is feasible, and may also compare several different HVAC system types to determine what works best for the client’s needs and desires. Considerations include location of project, cost of power, construction budget, project schedule, maintenance and building usage. In preparing the summary, we can also research the availability of utility rebates or tax incentives that might lower the cost of the installation.

Consulting Engineering Services

  • Geothermal systems design, consulting and construction support

  • Third party design reviews and installed system evaluations

  • Narrative / Project Feasibility

  • Expert Witness

Engineering Licenses

  • California Professional Engineer’s License

  • Colorado Professional Engineer’s License

  • Nevada Professional Engineer’s License

  • Utah Professional Engineer’s License

Professional Certifications

  • Certified Geoexchange Designer